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The fastest and safest way to experiment your created Future

Business Games are OUR SIGNATURE for S&OP, Supply Chain and High Performing Team journeys. Games, which at the beginning, were a pure passion for us, became a compelling way to drive change in the projects we led. WHY ? And WHY NOW more than ever? Since our origins, games have been fully part of our human nature, but until recently, they were not considered as a serious activity in Business. At best, they were good for some fun Team Building activities. By convention more than by conviction, the same person had to leave home as joyous Homo Ludens and became all of a sudden a serious Homo Economicus in the office. The progress of Science has shown that in reality, because they stimulate our emotions in a positive and safe way, Games are simply the fastest and most efficient way to learn. This has led us to found our sister Company Value Games, focused on accelerating the speed of Learning through serious games.

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