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Our Team

We are proud to offer to our clients a unique expertise on S&OP, cross-fertilization of our fully complementary unequalled experiences over 30 years, in 50 countries and 6 continents.

Our unique approach is to provide tailor made solutions to each of our clients, knowing that the ultimate goal of S&OP is to support the deployment of the Strategy of the company,
i.e. by nature doing something different from Competition.

Our Mission

We are a leading edge consulting partnership specializing in Sales and Operations Planning.


Our mission is to provide external stimulus to initiate rapid implementation of Sales & Operations Planning, resulting in dramatic financial benefits within six months:Increased profits, Improved cash flow, Reduced cost-to-serve, Improved customer service, Reduced inventory and work-in-process.

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News & Publications

Lead your S&OP like a criminal investigation


“What’s your level of assertiveness?” asked the interviewer.

“Pretty low, I guess,” replied the young man.

“Oh, sorry. In that case, we cannot recruit you. We’re looking for Leaders – i.e. people who possess a high-level of assertiveness.”


The Infinite Game of S&OP

During my 30 years’ experience in S&OP implementation, for 20 of them I was privileged to collaborate directly with Andy Coldrick, co-creator with Dick Ling of Breakthrough S&OP, sometimes called IBP. Andy was my master and friend, and among the immense knowledge he taught me on S&OP, the standout message is that S&OP is much more than a process: properly implemented, it is a way of 

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