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Our Approach

Our approach forces breakthrough thinking by helping organizations focus on aligning their Sales and Operations Planning Process with their business agenda and strategic direction.


   •We help you assess how well your S&OP process functions, through our facilitated self-assessment process.

   •We transfer our knowledge to you through customized education and coaching.

   •We help you create practical action plans that enable you align your S&OP process to your business objectives.

Breathrough S&OP

Breakthrough S&OP means two things to us:
   •Dramatic financial benefits in six months.
   •Engage top management from the beginning through their leadership, by aligning the S&OP process with the business agenda          and strategic direction.


Our implementation approach is Right-to-Left or Top Down and is in sharp contrast to the left-to-right or bottom up approach espoused by other groups. In our vision, S&OP is the link between strategy and execution directed from 'strategic agenda and future portfolio'.


To insure greatest success, the proven sequence is to align, reconcile and integrate, unify towards an agreed latest view and then execute. S&OP becomes the vehicle with which the business executes strategy. We have found in twenty years experience that it is better to adopt a Right to Left approach. The widespread practice of moving from left to right follows a sequence of agreeing latest view (normally a single set of numbers), followed by reconciling and integrating, and then aligning to the strategic agenda. This is a 'ready, fire, aim' approach and the links to strategy are nebulous. People believe they are executing the S&OP plan, not the strategy (which of course is exactly what they are doing).


Although the timing of all the activities within the month goes from left to right i.e. the usual sequence shows New Activities, Managing Demand and Managing Supply. This is followed by Integrated Reconciliation and Senior Business Management Review. Many have followed this sequence, which is based on designing the operational steps first and then developing the output into Integrated Reconciliation, and hope it connects with senior management. As a result, the IR team will predominantly consist of operational people because of the left-to-right direction.

Our Right-to-Left approach guarantees that Integrated Reconciliation is driven from strategic intent, and therefore is capable of resolving business issues within the context of strategy. The outputs from the operational steps, New Activities, Managing Demand and Managing Supply are considered and if necessary, modified by the Integrated Reconciliation. Under our approach the IR team will be made up of more senior management.

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