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The S&OP Bible

30 years after its publication, Dick's book is still considered by S&OP Leaders as THE Reference in S&OP.


As the title suggests, Dick clearly demonstrates in the book that more than the technical aspects which are necessary to implement S&OP, like in an Orchestra, the real difference comes from the harmonious collaboration between the different players led by a conductor, the General Manager, and nobody else in Business. In our experience, a lot of companies are too much focused on Tools and Processes in their S&OP approach (Instruments and Score to keep the comparison with music) and forget that the real difference comes from the skills and behaviours of their teams in S&OP (the interpretation of the Orchestra). Dick's book is there to remind this fundamental.

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The French Supply Chain Bible

In this Best Selling Book on Supply Chain in France, Alain provides a practical guidance from A to Z, on how to get a competitive edge through state of the art Supply Chain, from Strategy to Execution. The book dedicates a full chapter to S&OP, and shows its importance both for the Business and to grow the Supply Chain function in the Business. In fact, in a lot of Businesses, Supply Chain is still perceived as 'an execution function', almost like its mother Logistics. Ling-Coldrick S&OP model detailed in the book, helps to raise the profile of Supply Chain to what it should be: a competitive edge in the age of Speed.

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