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A unique and proven Way derived from Living Systems

Our High Performing Team System is unique for two reasons :

  1. Unlike all other HPT models which have a mechanical logic by providing recipes, our HPT system is a Biological system which uses S&OP as a metabolism to guarantee its perenniality, in other words, to keep it alive.

  2. It can be physically observed by attending one of the many successful S&OP's we have implemented all over the world. 

All the ingredients of a High Performing Team are well known, and ALL HPT models have a common content which addresses the fundamental questions for a Team :

  1. Why are we together ? (what is our Purpose ?)

  2. Who are we ? (do we know and trust each other ?)

  3. What are we going to do ? (What is our Plan to work together ?)

  4. How are we going to do it ? (What methods are we going to use to execute the Plan)

  5. Who does What ? (What is our detailed action plan ?)

  6. Why Continue ? (How do we improve our performance ?)

However, the reality on the field shows that very few teams and in particular senior teams work as a true team. In many situations, it is in fact the opposite. Leadership Teams are often either a working group (i.e. the performance of the team is the sum of the performances of each member) or a potential team (the intention is there, but the team does not know how to make it work, or is too busy to spend time on the performance of the team in itself)


To solve this issue of lack of time, and in reality lack of intentionality (the famous 'too busy to improve' attitude), we found that Breakthrough S&OP allowed to kill two birds with one stone. In fact, after implementing S&OP more than 100 times on all continents, we found a direct correlation between the performance of the S&OP and the performance of the Management Team as a Team.


The reason became clearer and clearer time after time : delivering a high performance S&OP requires to answer to the same questions mentionned above : Why ? Who ? What ? How ? Who does What ? How to improve ?


S&OP is simply providing the routine which makes our High Performing Team System a daily reality for the whole company. 


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