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Alain Perrot is Founder and Owner of VALUE TEAM

Alain is a food engineer graduated from ENSIA (National French School for Food Industries) and has a Master in Agricultural Economics from ESSEC. He has started his career in 1984 in the Mars Group where he created the Industrial Engineer function in
the Strasbourg plant. Then, he is successively appointed Shift Manager in Strasbourg plant, Financial Planning Manager, Resourcing Manager and Business Planning Manager of Mars Petcare France.

In 1992, he is appointed Supply Chain Project Manager Mars Petcare Europe. From 1992 to 1994, he reconfigures the Supply Chain to bring it to Best in Class level, and pioneers the implementation of S&OP in FMCG's together with Andy Coldrick. During that time, he also leads the implementation of SAP R3 and Dynasys for the whole End-To-End European Supply Chain (Planning, Logistics, R&D, Manufacturing, Purchasing).

In 1995, he joins Bestfoods France as Supply Chain Director. From 1995 to 1996, he divides Inventories by 2, and improves the Order Filling Rate by 30%. In 1997, he is appointed Plant Manager of the Dressings Factory in Dunkerque, which he transforms in 2 years into the most agile plant of Bestfoods Europe (Agility multiplied by 2). 


In 1999, he joins Air Liquide Welding, to create the Supply Chain function, as Vice President Supply Chain, Purchasing & Quality.


From 1999 to 2003, he creates the Global Supply Chain & Purchasing Organization of the 20 autonomous companies of Air Liquide Welding, improves the order filling rate by 30%, decreases inventories by 20%, and improves purchasing productivity by 4%/year.
In 4 years, he moves the Supply Chain of Air Liquide Welding from a buzz word to the Company Project n°1. Once again, the implementation of Global S&OP in close collaboration with Andy Coldrick, was a major breakthrough for the Company performance.


From 2003 to 2016, he has been an Associate of Ling Coldrick, the partnership between Dick Ling, creator of S&OP, and Andy Coldrick, co-creator with Dick of Breakthrough S&OP, sometimes called IBP (Integrated Business Planning)


Among his Customers, he has helped all over the world, Danone, Mars, Campbell, McCain, Mondelez, Valeo, Coty, Akzo Nobel, Swarovski, Marine Harvest, Tarkett, Carlsberg, LISI Aerospace, and Nutrixo.


From 2003 to 2006, he was Associated Professor at Strasbourg Business School, where he taught Supply Chain Strategy, Multicultural Management, and ERP implementation. He is a regular teacher at Kedge Business School and University of Paris-Créteil.

Passionated with Learning through Business Games, he is the creator of 'The Value Race', a Supply Chain simulation which has been played more than 100 times all over the world by Coty, Crown Holdings, Danone, Mars, Nestlé, Total, to name a few.

Alain is a member of the board of RG Brands, a food Leader in Kazakhstan.

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